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All sizes and colors can be ordered according to customer requirements,Sizes are different and prices are different

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Product description  


Form factor:According to customer requirements     The size of the case:According to customer requirements

Weight:Depending on the size


Body material
Both sides are made of high-quality aluminum,High strength、Light weight、Anti-corrosion、Insulation、Fire-resistant features。


Standard configuration

Hot-dip galvanized wire beam frame and chassis
Rugged arc welding aluminum space frame structure
Double shock absorbers and torque shaft independent suspension
Powerful top-throw centrifugal exhaust for all your cooking needs
Lift the service window with the help of a hydraulic support
Satin silver wipes the transparent anode alumina interior
Stainless steel benches and shelves
Three-slot tap
Plenty of storage space
130LFresh water under the chassis water tank
Under the chassis140LWastewater
High-quality electric water heater6.6lift pump
Under the desktop refrigerator1.2m
Under the table top freezer1.2m
Cash drawer with data connector
With drainage aluminum floor
2Ton galvanized coating coupling joint(50mm)
4 xHeavy lifting legs
Cylinder holder
Double windows
The external foldable bench
Rear anti-collision beam
32AmpSingle-phase entrance
Certified electrical systems

Introduction to the company

 Shanghai Bao Ju Machinery Co., Ltd. produces food trucks。


“ Bao Ju”The snack cart is beautifully shaped,Easy to move,Because it is environmentally friendly,No matter in the mall、Supermarket、Busy streets、Night、Tourist spots、Schools and other places can negotiate business,Numerous varieties、Full range of flavors,It can smell seductively from tens of meters away when you make it,Make diners smell,Home is good business where you go,As long as you do it seriously,You can embark on a steady and profitable path。

About payment


Due to the special nature of the industry,The company implements payment to delivery。The payment method is:Public-to-public accounts、Bank transfers、Bank transfers、POSMachine swipe(Limited AgBank debit cards)。The factory price of the product is less than two thousand yuan,No special circumstances,The default full-to-account shipment;The factory price of the product is more than two thousand,Regular prepaid products30%Deposit,Prepaid products50%Deposit,The goods can be picked up or delivered only after they have been shipped to the logistics point and the balance has been paid。



About logistics


All products produced by the company are priced without shipping charges,Within the requested price list0.01Meta freight is virtual freight。The company default logistics to pay(The company does not accept logistics fees,Upon receipt of the goods, the buyer delivers the freight directly to the logistics company)。Shipping costs are generally calculated by product cube or weight and region distance(Shipping costs for fragile products such as glass products may be slightly higher)。Different products、Different logistics companies、Shipping costs vary from region to region,Depending on the logistics company or reference to online shipping charges。Goods are usually delivered to local logistics stations(Mostly municipal logistics points,County-level customers need to go to the municipal logistics point inspection)You can choose to pick up your own goods or request door-to-door delivery,Of course, door-to-door service logistics companies will charge delivery fees。For buyers who are farther away,In order to protect the logistics company’s better service attitude,It is recommended that shipping charges be paid only upon delivery。(We will confirm the shipping charges to the buyer before shipping,After delivery, the goods will be tracked in time until the logistics company informs the buyer to pick up the goods)



About customer insoding


The company issued a VAT invoice,Add on top of the price of the product13%。



About the price of the product


All the company’s product prices are factory prices,No fees are included。The company as a manufacturer,Product prices vary according to cost(Such as:Changes in the price of raw materials)adjustments will be made accordingly。If the online price is not updated and adjusted in a timely manner,The actual price prevails(It is recommended to contact the business personnel,Ask for the price)。



About the signing of goods


In order to ensure the interests of customers,Please be sure to check the goods when you sign and receive them(In particular, glass products need to be determined to be broken)。If there is damage please refuse and contact the business personnel in a timely manner(It makes it easier for us to make a claim against the logistics company),so as not to cause unnecessary trouble。



About reputation


The Company to do e-commerce10Years,Has been a member of Ali Integrity(Field certification),Many of the products are exported abroad(YesCECertification andISO9001Quality system certification)



joint System People:Mr. Shen

Hand    Machine:13120832888

Electric    words:021-57677872

pass    Really:021-61553571

Mail    editing:200000

Contact address:Zhongshan Middle Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai79number

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Barbecue box


Bao Ju

Investing in entrepreneurship

Start-up/small-scale entrepreneurship/small investment/investment in entrepreneurship

After - sales service

1 year warranty





Processing customization


Vendor Information

  • Store Name: Shanghai Baoju Mechanical Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.
  • Vendor: baoju
  • Address: Shanghai, , 79 Zhongshan Middle Road, Songjiang District
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